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26/6/2019 · Zain Baaity from Lampung, Indonesia and found a strange ‘Creatonotos gangis’ in his house, which is actually a giant moth with four hairy tails. How would you react in a situation

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24/10/2017 · It has since been revealed to be a Creatonotos gangis moth, which is found in Australia and parts of Asia. And it’s a lot bigger and more angry-looking than the moths you might find flying

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A terrifying ‘alien-like’ creature flexing its hairy tentacles has been captured in a horrifying video footage. The monster insect, filmed in Indonesia, is seen wiggling its huge orange

Creatonotos gangis « C’est quoicette chose ? » La vidéo prise Indonésie est virale sur les réseaux sociaux, laissant pantois des internautes en quête d’une explication factuelle et solide sur l’apparence de cet insecte aux allures terrifiantes

SAMSUNG CSC Creatonotos gangis Moth. Google video on youtube, weirdest Moth ever!

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CREATONOS GANGIS Not much later this insect was identified as a species of arctiine moth called Creatonotos Gangis. Which is mostly found in SouthEast Asia and northern Australia (of course, that place is FULL of creepy and deadly! animals) .

Nóng Mới Video Chủ đề Đề xuất Đối tác Tag / creatonotos gangis Sinh vật lông lá, đi lộn ngược trên trần nhà, ai nhìn cũng rợn Hari Toae / Creatonotos gangis / Xúc tu / Danh pháp khoa học / Kỳ quái / Hoảng / Sâu bướm Kinh hoàng phát hiện sinh vật lạ à

Creatonotos Gangis hidup di Asia Tenggara dan sebagian Australia. Penyebarannya juga berada di Asia, seperti di China, India, Jepang, Thailand dan Papua Nugini, penyebaran di wilayah Australia terbatas di bagian utara Australia Barat.

No entanto, como se mostra, o inseto é realmente uma mariposa inofensiva conhecida como Creatonotos gangis. Originária da Indonésia, Sri Lanka, Japão e partes da Austrália, a espécie usa seus tentáculos incomuns para produzir um feromônio especial

A criatura, que possui um par de asas e quatro grandes tentáculos, é conhecida como creatonotos gangis, 2019070514168119-extraterrestre-com-asas-e-tentaculos-e-flagrado-na-indonesia-video/ A

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The creatonotos gangis is a species of arctiine moth found in Southeast Asia and Australia.View Reddit by WillSmurf – View Source

In poche ore ha conquistato il web: stiamo parlando di questo stranissimo insetto filmato da un utente indonesiano di Facebook. Dopo alcune ricerche s’è scoperto che si tratta di una gigantesca falena, il cui nome scientifico è ‘Creatonotos gangis’ Alcuni video

Pero, volviendo a la Creatonotos gangis, esta pequeña polilla prefiere alimentarse de plantas con niveles más altos de AP que, como podrás imaginar, le ofrece cierta ventaja al tener mucha menos competencia. Si la polilla no obtiene suficiente AP, su

Es handelt sich um einen “Creatonotos gangis” und dieser gehört zu den Schmetterlingen und der Motten-Familie. so ein User unter dem Video. Einen “guten” Rat hat ein weiterer Nutzer parat

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ALHIDAMART.COM – Fakta Creatonotos Gangis, Serangga Aneh di Kebumen Yang Bikin Heboh Belum lama ini di media sosial Facebook Tengah Dihebohkan dengan kemunculan sosok serangga aneh dan unik di salah satu rumah warga di daerah Kebumen Jawa Tengah.

The Creatonotos gangis is a species of moth that lives in Southeast Asia and parts of Australia. Most of the time it looks like a normal moth with white and black wings and a red or yellow body. It’s in the Eribidae family of moths, which includes some of the largest

Creatonotos is a genus containing about 10 species of moth found in parts of Africa, southeast Asia and Australia.Two species are particularly widespread and well known: C. transiens with their pale, orange abdomen and wings entirely white save for a few carefully-placed, black dots, and the more dramatic C. gangis..

Now we can add to the list of incredibly creepy crawlies the Creatonotos gangis, or the insect that looks like a brain-infecting alien parasite. The thing you’re looking at right now, as you

“The Creatonotos gangis moth has projections on its abdomen called coremata – scent glands that release pheromones to attract mates! 39 Photos That Will Discomfort Your Soul – Creepy Gallery Per Wikipedia, the creatonotos gangis is a species of arctiine

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Os machos da espécie Creatonotos gangis são, provavelmente, as mariposas mais estranhas que você já viu. Mariposas são insetos conhecidos pela variedade de cores e beleza excepcional de cada espécie. Sendo constantemente confundidas com suas

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Creatonotos gangis – Australia, This male is displaying his coremata (scent organs). The tube-like coremata are inflated by blood pressure, and the hairs transmit pheromones. Creatonotos gangis – Australia, This male is displaying his coremata (scent organs .

This is a short video of a male specimen of Creatonotos gangis moth posted by Facebook user Gandik from Indonesia.*verifies Indonesia is super far away from my apartment* Oh thank God. In the video, the moth presents its pheromone-emmiting coremata, which may remind you of terrifying looking alien penises if you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to see some of those before.

Ein Mann in Indonesien macht ein Video von einer Motte. Und erhält über 40.000 Kommentare. Die übereinstimmende Frage im Internet lautet: Kann DAS wirklich real sein

Se trata de un Creatonotos Gangis, una polilla natural de Australia y del sudeste asiático que ha sido analizada en numerosas ocasiones por zoólogos de todo el mundo y que no es demasiado raro.

Cette créature qui suscite tant d’interrogations est un Creatonotos gangis, une espèce de papillon de nuit.Interrogé par le Washington Post, Gary Hevel, un chercheur au département d

Creatonotos gangis expands their coremata (also known as hair pencils) to spread its pheromones in order to attract females. The coremata are stored within the abdomen when not in use. The chemicals act as an attractant and tranquilizer on females but repel

The strange Creatonotos gangis moth from South East Asia atrracts mates using amazingly long, hydroxydanaidal producing scent organs called coremata. The length of these ‘hair-pencils’, as they are also known, depend on the habits of the caterpillar! The

25/10/2017 · It’s a Creatonotos gangis moth — and it uses those tentacles to attract a mate. A man in Indonesia posted a picture and video of the insect on Facebook last week, drawing more than 40,000

Sotto: il video che ha reso noto il Creatonotos gangis. Potrebbero interessarti Le lepri si riprendono i parchi di una Milano deserta: le bellissime immagini Vaia Cube, la startup che restituisce

VIDEO: Espeluznante polilla con ‘tentáculos’ Un video que se ha viralizado en las redes sociales muestra a una polilla, con apéndices como tentáculos, del tipo ‘Creatonotos gangis’ en el piso de una casa. REDACCIÓN 24 de Octubre de 2017 00:00 hrs.

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This GIF has everything: interesting, gangis, CREATONOTOS! Source Share Advanced Report this GIF Iframe Embed JS Embed HTML5 Embed Autoplay On Off Social Shares On Off Giphy links preview in Facebook and Twitter. HTML5 links

Feb 18, 2018 – Creatonotos gangis is a strange moth with a strange appendage – its scent organs. The length of the organs depends on an intriguing relationship. All in all, this moth has gives us a new perspective on mother nature’s ability to surprise us at every

r/interestingasfuck: For almost anything you find interestingasfuck I was about to post a silly comment but I found one a youtube video that was much better so I just quote: “Australia is a portal to Hell, wtf is that I would nuke the house” – Awal Juli lalu, publik Bali sempat dihebohkan dengan keberadaan hewan berbentuk unik yang merayap di plafon seorang warga. Usut punya usut, hewan yang penampakannya serupa simbol iblis bophet ini disebut Creatonotos Gangis. Serangga unik dengan tentakel berbulu nan tampak mengerikan ini ditemukan pertama kali tahun 1763 oleh seorang ahli serangga, Carl Lineaus.

”Saya juga baru pertama lihat,” kata Heri Sukmana, 27, warga Kebumen yang merekam Creatonotos gangis siap kawin, kemudian mengunggahnya foto dan video ke akun Facebook Gandik.

The creature is not a figment of your imagination though. It’s called a Creatonotos gangis, Gary Hevel of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History explained to The Washington Post.Hevel said those bizarre tentacles are really its scent glands, which are

Creatonotos gangis moth is terrorising Australia 9.3k shares Comments Comments {{formattedShortCount}} comments Most Read News UK’s coronavirus death toll leaps by 260 in a single day to hit 1,019

Absolutely terrifying (Picture: Facebook)This creature may look like an alien from a sci-fi movie – but, terrifyingly, it’s completely Saturday, March 28, 2020

Project Noah followers have probably not escaped the latest social media viral video Beyond sensationalist titles and fear mongering, learn about the amazing tiger moth Creatonotos gangis from Project Noah ranger, blogger and field guide author Eric Eaton, a.k.a

This Australian moth has been some kind of curse image online due to its scent organs (coremata). It is inflated to attract mates. However, why does the coremata have to be inflated for it to work, Thanks for contributing an answer to Biology Stack Exchange!

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Kumpulan Berita CREATONOTOS GANGIS: Sering Dikaitkan dengan Simbol Iblis, Sekilas tentang Creatonotos Gangis

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