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Sherry Gender Female Birth date 1986 Age 12 (in RE2) 26 (in RE6) now Status Alive Cause of Death Death date Member of Family Annette Birkin (Mother) William Birkin (Father) Occupation D.S.O. Agent Appearance(s) Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil: The

Sherry Birkin is a character in the Resident Evil franchise. She is an U.S. Government agent operating under the Division of Security Operations. She is the daughter of William and

A lonely and insecure 12-year-old, Sherry is quite mature for her age. She is very shy and when she speaks, she lacks self-confidence and always has the feeling she is lost. Sherry’s parents are too wrapped up in their work to heed the emotional needs of their

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Sherry Birkin.” You stare at the signature for a moment before placing the book down. You were almost disappointed that there wasn’t more, but like she had written, she would update it when she came back. That is, if she comes back. :purple_heart: Friends

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Sherry Birkin シェリー・バーキン, Sherī Bākin) is the daughter of William and Annette Birkin. She first appears in Resident Evil 2, running away and hiding in Raccoon City during the outbreak. She manages to find Leon and Claire, who protect her while trying to

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User comments for the given name Sherry. I absolutely LOOOOVE, Love, Love, Love, LOOOOVE this name! It is one of the things I love most about myself. I am my parents’ tenth and last child.

Resident Evil 6 was conceptualized in 2009 and entered full development the following year under Resident Evil 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi.It had a development staff of more than 600, making it Capcom’s largest production. On release, Resident Evil 6

Jacob “Jake” Muller-Wesker is one of the main protagonists in Resident Evil 6.He is a anti-heroic freelance mercenary employed to team up with Sherry Birkin to save the world with his blood.He was portrayed by Troy Baker, who also voiced Booker DeWitt,

Sherry Birkin is a major character in Resident Evil: Undead. She was a young girl and the daughter of William Birkin and Annette Birkin. After her mother’s death and escaping from her father, Sherry joined Chris Redfield’s group as a distractor, using firecrackers or

In the original Resident Evil 2, released in 1998, when Claire bumps into Sherry Birkin in the Raccoon City police station, the young girl calls out “help me!” as she’s chased by a zombie.

Sherry Birkin is the daughter of William Birkin and Annette Birkin. Voice actors Italian dub: Age 33 Status Alive Height 5′ 4″ Voice Sara Fletcher Sherry Birkin is the daughter of William Birkin and Annette Birkin. Voice actors Edit Italian dub: Alessia Amendola

Sherry Birkin is voiced by Eliza Pryor The voice of Sherry Birkin, the youngest of the Birkin family, is that of Eliza Pryor. A young actor with only six known credits, Pryor has appeared in TV

20/8/2007 · Sherry Birkin (voiced by Lisa Yamanaka) is a 12 year old girl who serves as Claire’s partner in the game. She is the daughter of G-Virus creator William Birkin and was instructed by her mother to

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Biography Edit Early Life Edit William David Birkin was born on August 7, 1982, though not much else is known about his early life. He was a child prodigy who excelled and graduated high school at the age of eleven and earned his doctorate (PhD) as a teenager. In

Dr. William Birkin (ウィリアム・バーキン) was a virologist who worked for Umbrella Pharmaceuticals in the 1970s-1990s. The head of the Golgotha Virus research project,[4] he turned against the Umbrella Corporation after failing to achieve a promotion to its

Resident Evil 2 (2019): 10 Changes The Remake Makes To The Canon Frombackstories to relationships, here are 10 chnages that the remake of Resident Evil 2 makes to the overall canon. Resident Evil ’s 2002 remake changed the game and offered audiences a reimagining of a survival horror classic.

Sherry was born around 1986 to the Umbrella virologist William Birkin, and his research colleague and new wife, Annette, when the two were both working at the Arklay Laboratory. Due to their key participation of developing biological weapons for Umbrella, William and Annette’s work schedules were very intense and busy, and as such weren’t always around as Sherry

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Xavier first found Sherry in a box on the side of a road. He took her in and found out her abilites quick. He could not control her abilites, so she was trained to hardly ever use them, unless she got really angry. Which reminds me, Xavier found out that Sherry had a

Sherry Birkin (シェリー・バーキン Sherī Bākin) is an American federal agent attached to the Division of Security Operations. Before that, when child, she was placed in protective custody after her parents’ deaths during the Raccoon City Destruction

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Sherry Birkin is my favorite character, I was thrilled when they brought her back in RE6, but after that game’s reception I was afraid I’d never see Agent Birkin in a new release ever again. While officially that may remain true, I’m always happy to find people who

Jake Muller 250px-Jakemuller.png First Appearance Resident Evil 6 Sex Male Role Jake Muller is one of the lead protagonists in Resident Evil 6.Jake is Albert Wesker’s son.He’s described as a

Brago (ブラゴ, Burago) and Sherry Belmont (シェリー・ベルモンド, Sherī Berumondo) are main characters in Zatch Bell!. They are considered the rivals of main characters Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine, even though the teams fought a relatively small

13/12/2019 · Hii, someone still modding this game? Someone can make a re-skin for pirate Jill/Jill wetsuit/BSAA or Jessica to Sherry Birkin? I’ll be grateful! <3

Review: Sherry Birkin, Resident Evil 6 For long-time fans of Resident Evil, Sherry Birkin is fondly remembered as the plucky little girl who survived the viral outbreak in Raccoon City with the help of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Over a decade later,

19/5/2008 · Who is this shady character I’m hearing so much about?Anyone care to explain (without being a cock a

Sherry Birkin lost her entire family at age 12. She’s 13 now, but she seems to miss her parents dearly. Furthermore, time spent with “Claire Redfield” and “Leon S. Kennedy” seems to help her feel better/more willing to participate in tests.

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