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Content Security Policy (CSP) blocks scripts from Violentmonkey / Greasemonkey Posté par Aymeric le mercredi 25 avril 2018 Publié dans Astuce, English Partager sur I wanted to inject some codes on Github, however I received Content Security Policy

Script works with browsers: Chrome, Firefox i Opera, MS Edge Requirement add-on : tampermonkey, greasemonkey or violentmonkey Install When you need create report

19/6/2017 · Hi all, we removed ViolentMonkey from Maxthon Extension center because there is a bug with the extension, and our staff has contacted the creator asking for fixing. After that, it will be back on the center. And currently, for those who has violent monkey installed

Ace Script provides userscripts support for browsers. Features It allows you to customize the way a web page displays or behaves by using userscripts. Note: This extension does not contain any ads and does not modify web pages automatically. Any changes and

* Modified Script – Differs from * Adds summery information on Subject Line * Changes the format of your espionage reports to make it more user friendly. * Advises when you don’t get a full espionage report * Adds debris field totals of enemy fleets to

Chrome 의 Violentmonkey 에서는 테스트해보지 않았지만 큰 문제는 없을 것 같다. 2019-01-18 추가: @include 를 ** 이 아니라 * 로 설정하여 모든 웹사이트에서 동작하도록 설정하면, Tampermonkey 에서도 두 번째 iframe 에서 호출됨을 확인하였다.

Violentmonkeyを利用する場合 Violentmonkey をインストールする 上の拡張機能配布サイトを開き、ページの右上あたりにある「Operaに追加」をクリックする 「インストールしています」という表示に切り替わるので、しばらく待つ

The indent/outdent buttons will be greyed out if the cursor is in a field that cannot be indented or outdented. When you first create a page the cursor is in the Title field, which is one of those fields. If you have the cursor on a blank spot on the page, then are the

Greasemonkey是一款可以让用户根据自己的需要去修改网页上的功能或样式的浏览器插件。 Greasemonkey油猴脚本简介 很多人如果你没有听说过功能强大的Greasemonkey,那么你应该听说过“油猴子”!Greasemonkey就是油猴子,是 一款互联网神器! 一款互联网神器!

用户脚本(user script)就是一大块 Javascript 代码,还有些附加信息,用来告诉 Greasemonkey 脚本应该在何时何地运行。每个用户脚本能够针对具体页面,具体网站,或者一批网站。用户脚本能做到您在 Javascript 中可做到的任何事情。

Passo 1: Instalar um gerenciador de script ViolentMonkey [Firefox] GreaseMonkey [Firefox] TamperMonkey [Chrome] ViolentMonkey [Opera] Após a instalação, reinicie o browser e instale o userscript. Passo 2: Instalar o userscript Instalar GDPlus (GD+)

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8/8/2017 · TW Best Friends After installing the script, if there’s a tamboola running, you’ll see a new counter that’ll allow you to open a window from where you can send currency to your friends, see how many currency the friend sent to you and all the timestamps of him

How to run the new Windows 10 Edge browser from a command line or script. Like many developers, I’ve been exploring every new Windows 10 Insider Preview build, paying special attention to

Use a Script If you’re tech-savvy and love playing with scripts, there’s a great option for you. The first thing you need to do is install a user script manager, such as Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey, depending on the browser you’re using.

Miniaturansicht des Violentmonkey-Bildschirmfotos · Miniaturansicht des Violentmonkey-Bildschirmfotos pin Violentmonkey-Erweiterung – Opera Add-ons Bildschirmfoto für Violentmonkey pin Tampermonkey user script templates · GitHub Trp12xx commented pin

Composed of a Userscript «AAK-Cont Script» written in JavaScript and a few filter lists «AAK-Cont filter lists» designed for the ad blocker you use. They are complementary and unlock different website. You can report a issue or contribute to the

Go to link with script. After this Violentmonkey will ask you to install user script with The Bot. Confirm this; Reload game. Now you can see the Bot in the top of game window. Installation complete! Module

Aunque Microsoft Edge lleva ya en el mercado más de un año, desde el lanzamiento de la primera versión de Windows 10, no hace más de un par de meses desde que este tiene soporte para extensiones, una característica totalmente imprescindible para cualquier navegador hoy en día.

DA DPLAY CON VIOLENTMONKEY SCARICA – Facci sapere come risolvi, saluti. Attivato il plugin, occorrerà poi installare uno script apposito preparato dal bravo programmatore Daniele Giudice. Usando ffmpeg riesco a scaricare senza problemi, ma con

The scripts are written in JavaScript, and they can be applied to a single page, a whole domain, or every page the browser visits, depending on the script. There are currently hundreds of thousands ready-made Greasemonkey scripts we can download to add functionalities to websites such as Facebook, YouTube, eBay, Github, and more.

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The Stack Overflow Unofficial Patch (SOUP) is a project to collect various minor client-side bug fixes, work-arounds and usability improvements for Stack Overflow and other Q&A sites on the Stack Exchange Network into a single user script.


Tampermonkey что это за программа нужна ли она? Хеллоу, пипл В этот раз я напишу о программе Tampermonkey, о том что это такое и как удалить. Tampermonkey это на самом деле не программа, а расширение для браузеров на основе Хрома.


Ciao Lazza, innanzitutto grazie per il servizio che ci offri e per il costante supporto e aggiornamento. Volevo solo segnalarti che per ovviare alle “mancanze” di Greasemonkey utilizzavo Violentmonkey, ma ora, dopo l’aggiornamento dello script, quest’ultimo non

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Questo è il modo più semplice per lo script di non applicarsi nemmeno e quindi non funzionare affatto. Inoltre, assicurati di controllare gli errori di sintassi; un punto e virgola fuori posto può impedire l’analisi dello script e quindi viene ignorato.

26/5/2019 · Yeah, the wiki is just wrong (in that regard, at least). Funny thing is, this will result in the string being printed infinitely: So the wiki is right in that re-enabling a script will restart it. Disabling does nothing to the running thread, though, though.

Hi, I’m experiencing the same problem – using IE9 now but Trixie won’t work.. real annoying as I have created a set of tools for my team, and others, at work so it creates a sort of overlay menu to give the user extra options (for example ‘quick css’ which enables us

Bei der Umstellung auf das neue Forendesign ist ein upsi passiert. Das wäre offenbar leicht zu lösen, die Lösung wurde auch schon mehrfach gepostet in diesem Forum, von seiten der Forumsbetreiber wird allerdings bisher nichts gemacht.

28/5/2019 · Expands spoiler tags when page loads. Useful for threads with many spoiler tags, to save mouse clicks. May cause lag if spoiler content contains media. Tested on SpaceBattles, Sufficient Velocity, and Questionable Questing. Turn off script if you don’t want to see

merci mais il a recommencé à fonctionner plus tard dans la journée je suis de retour chez moi. Nous sommes le 2 juillet 2019 Mahab avais mis une annonce pour le violentmonkey


29/10/2016 · The script also has an some add on scripts which can help when you’re on mturk. Mturk Panda Crazy Helper – Shows easy add buttons on and can send your projected earnings back to Panda Crazy main script. Mturk Panda Crazy Queue Helper – This script will go to the next lowest time hit in your queue.

I have text like below. The first two lines are existing lines and I have indented the second line couple of months ago. But now I cannot indent the 3rd line. The indent button is disabled. If I go to the start of the second line only the outdent button is enabled. This Confluence could.

暴力猴(Violentmonkey)是一款与 Tampermonkey 齐名的Chrome浏览器插件管理工具,为浏览器提供用户脚本支持。 它适用于支持WebExtensions的浏览器。支持、GreasyFork、OpenUserJS三大脚本 分享六款超实用的chrome 插件

Gli script Greasemonkey operano in un ambito separato e possono anche operare in una sandbox, a seconda delle impostazioni di @grant. Inoltre, il codice della domanda isola il greasy in un ambito di funzione (come ha detto gladoscc). Infine, per impostazione

Download Tampermonkey 4.9 for Windows. Fast downloads of the latest free software! Click now Tampermonkey is the most popular userscript manager for Blink-based browsers such as Google Chrome. Tampermonkey makes it pretty easy to manage your

Just Google for Violentmonkey or Tampermonkey, how to install them depends on your browser. The script itself can be installed via this link; source code can be found here. After installation, you can reload this very page and check my usercard to verify if the

关键字项:谷歌浏览器 用户脚本 script 点击查看大图] 软件介绍 评论(条) 我要评论 Tampermonkey是第一个可以用来让 Chrome 支持更多 UserScript 的 Chrome 扩展,它可以加入更多的 Chrome 本身不支持的用户脚本功能,比如 GM_registerMenuCommand

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Descrizione Strumento per il download diretto di brani musicali, i quali vengono prelevati dai server di Deezer, grazie a uno script che permette di rimuovere la protezione DRM presente nei file. Informazioni sull’applicazione Sviluppo Deki Haker, Kawashi666 Mods AleX

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that lets you add bits of DHTML (user scripts) to any Web page to change its behavior. In much the same way that user CSS lets you take control of a Web page’s

Click on the extension icon and there on the add icons to add a new script or style to Firefox. Also, dedicated Stylus and ViolentMonkey offer several features making the install and management far easier. Pants said on September 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm Reply

Script Enabled Status If you have installed a user script and it doesn’t seem to work, or it used to work and does no longer, there are a few things to consider. Scripts do not run on every page. Check the monkey menu in the status bar. If it is not listed in the